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The Pokemon Go game has been revealed last year and it has been developed by Niantic, the same company that brought us Ingress. The Pokemon Go will be released for both tablets and smartphones and it will be available for Android, iPads and iPhones across the world.

The Pokemon Go is an augmented-reality game for mobile devices, which will be officially released for the mentioned devices sometime this year. The game will also be released along with the Pokemon Go Plus, which is a small wearable device that has been developed by Nintendo. This wearable device will connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth and it will notify the users when a Pokemon is nearby with a LED and a light rumble.

The players will be able to catch, train, trade and even send the pokemons to battle. Once the game will be released for the public, it will be free to play, but according to reports, it will contain in-app purchases.

Pokemon Go BETA Testing Has Begun

According to Niantic, the Pokemon Go BETA testing has already begun in Japan. The Pokemon Go field testing program will allow the players to share some early feedback in order to help the developers improve their game.

Keep in mind that not many gamers will be able to play the Pokemon GO BETA version of the game, but in case you’ve got inside the testing program, we suggest you to leave us some comments about how the game is and tell us your thoughts about it.

The Pokemon Go will be released for public sometime this year, but the developer didn’t reveal an exact date when this will happen. Hopefully, the BETA phase will not come with major bugs and the developers will officially release this game soon.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Pokemon Go game? Will you play this game once it will be officially released?

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