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Samsung fanatics have gotten their fix with the recently launched Galaxy S7, while LG enthusiasts have seen their wishes come true with the new LG G5. Now, it’s time for HTC fans to see if the Taiwanese company will turn their dreams into reality with the soon-to-be-released HTC One M10.

The Name Game

HTC released the One M9 last year, so it makes perfect sense if they’d name their 2016 smartphone the HTC One M10. But, according to several sources, this won’t be the case. One Twitter user who goes by the handle @Ricciolo1 mentioned that the new smartphone won’t be codenamed M10, while another source said that HTC is eager to move away from the “M” brand and want to try something new.

So, if HTC’s latest smartphone won’t be called M10, what will its name be? No one is really sure, but some reliable sources point out that it could be branded as HTC 10. Others, meanwhile, say that it could be called HTC Perfume.

The Specs

The HTC One M9 is beautiful and attractive, but it disappointed many people because of its not-too-exciting features. A lot of people hope that this wouldn’t be the case with the HTC One M10 (or whatever its name would be). Fortunately, it seems that fans won’t be disappointed this time around since the new smartphone is rumored to come with lots of powerful features.

The HTC One M10 is expected to have a 5.1-inch or 5.2-inch screen with Super LCD 5 display, which has less glare, consumes less power, and offers better visibility when used outdoors, compared to a regular LCD. It’s also said to have a fingerprint scanner, a 12MP rear camera, a 5MP front camera, a single rear camera sensor, and a bigger flash. It’s rumored to come in four different colors, which will allow users to pick one that best suits their personality and fashion taste.

Many tech experts expect the HTC One M10 to have the Snapdragon 820 processor with a 4GB RAM and up to 32GB of internal storage. It’s said to have a USB-C port, a microSD slot, and a large 3,000mAh battery that will allow the smartphone to last for several hours on a single charge.

Final Thoughts

All of these details can make HTC fans excited to see the company’s latest smartphone, but it’s important to note that these are just rumors and that HTC hasn’t confirmed anything yet. Still, fans don’t have to wait for long since the One M10 is expected to be unveiled sometime in April.