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If you’ve got an Apple TV, then you’ve got one of the best entertainment system that’s filled with quality shows and replays.

Just like any Apple product, they are always made to make everything much easier while still holding on the great quality.

Do you own an Apple TV?

If you do, we’ll show you some tips and tricks that can take your user experience to a higher level.

These tips and tricks are simple, but often times unknown to the users. If more people understood the little tricks and shortcuts to their Apple TV, we are sure that they will love their entertainment system even more.

Here are the top tricks and shortcuts to making it easier to use your Apple TV:

Apple Products Are Made For One Another

Unlike its rival the Roku, Apple Tv is just one part of many devices that can be connected to one another while being their own entertainment system.

What do we mean by “being their own entertainment system”?

  • If you have an iPad, it is meant to be used for reading, playing app games, or watching videos on a small display screen.
  • If you have an iPhone, you will mainly use it to call, text, and play games while watching videos on an even smaller screen.
  • If you have an iPod, you mainly use it for music, and possibly apps.

All of these devices have their own unique entertainment features that are distinguished from one another. What makes them unique with Apple TV is that you can connect them and turn these devices into a remote controller to navigate Apple TV.

What makes the remote so unique is that you can customize functions and certain command instead of having a remote that you have to learn how to use.

Siri Will Do Your Bidding

Whether you are watching a movie or trying to find what your way through Apple TV, you will always have your own personal assistant who will listen to your command and do as you say.

Siri works well with all apple devices, but with the Apple TV, specifically, she has special commands that you can say that will help you easily navigate, rewind, and get the best out of your entertainment.

An example is if you were to say “rewind back to (X time) of the film”, Siri will go to that specific time in the show or movie that you are watching.

Instead of having to use a remote and wait a few minutes to find things on your Apple TV, use Siri and get everything you need instantly!

Play Games With Apple TV

Apple TV isn’t just for movies and t.v shows, you can actually play games on it with either your iPad as the remote, or a custom controller that has Bluetooth enable for the best gaming experience.

A lot of people don’t really notice that you can connect console controller to the Apple TV. This will make playing first person shooters or adventure games much easier and more fun!

Quickly Switch Between Apps With The Home Button

Don’t get stuck in all the apps and trying really hard to find your way to the home menu.

With Apple TV, you can exit all apps and get to the main menu in an instant. This is great compared to many other rival devices as they take a while before you can even load up the homepage.

Why deal with all the hassle when you can make everything easier with the Apple TV.

Use Your Photo As A Screensaver

If you are a photographer who takes extremely beautiful pictures, you’ll find the Apple TV screensaver features as one of the coolest devices to display your image on the big screen. This is great for someone who has a lot of guest over as you can display beautiful images for your guest to see.

This is also great for those who wants to customize the way their Apple TV home menu look. It will be your very own customizable device showcasing your photos!

Ending Thoughts

Use these tips and tricks to your advantage when you start using your Apple TV next time.

You’ll wonder why you’ve spent all that time trying to navigate through various apps and programs manually when you can easily get everything you need instantly.

Enjoy my friends!