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In order for you to understand this composition, you first have to know what Snapdragon 820 is. Although it might sound like the latest action movie that´s bound to break every single record, Snapdragon 820 is far from being a part of that niche.

If you´ve ever had a cellphone, then you might know their entire interface and functionality depend on a tiny little chip that´s located inside the phone. As one might expect, there are countless developers that currently manufacture this small processor, which is why we have so many models and brands. One of those models (and probably the best one to this date) is called the Snapdragon 820, the predecessor to the Snapdragon 810.

If you desire more technical terms, Snapdragon 820 is a system on a chip that is produced and manufactured by Qualcomm and is destined to work with low-power phones such as smartphones or tablets.

The effectiveness and performance of your beloved smartphone immensely depend on this tiny and seemingly insignificant chip, for it often includes the CPUs, the graphics core, audio & video decoders and modems for wireless internet. In other words, every single smartphone is completely useless without a chip that provides all these crucial functions.

Although there are numerous smartphones that make use of this marvelous chip, we´ll present to you the best ones out there.

Galaxy S7

If you know about Samsung phones, then you´ve definitely heard about the Galaxy series. Since its origins, these phones have seen numerous changes and improvements, and the latest and most notable one to this day is the implementation of the Snapdragon 820 chip. Priced at $669, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is powerful, fast and has a long-lasting battery life.

LeTV Le Max pro

To most people´s surprise, Le Max Pro is the first phone ever to use Snapdragon 820. Although it is not astonishingly fast and powerful, this smartphone surely shows what this chip is capable of doing. Although it seemed more like a LeTV´s attempt to expand their market outside China than a groundbreaking innovation. However, we can safely assure that the Le Max pro delivers.


Apart from the iPhone, Samsung has a considerably strong competitor: LG. Their newer phone, which also uses Snapdragon 820, is a gorgeous model with an attractive design and marvelous speeds. Said to be released in April, the LG G5 will surely arrive to disturb the big guys from Apple and Samsung.

Galaxy S7 Edge

Although many people see this model as a slightly bigger Galaxy S7, we can guarantee this one is currently the best one in today´s market. With amazing speeds and a seductively long-lasting battery, the Galaxy S7 has arrived to become the perfect smartphone of 2016. Everything, from the design to the quality of the camera makes this smartphone Samsung´s best creation to this date.

As it is safe to expect, more phones with the Snapdragon 820 chip will come this 2016, but these ones are the ones you should seriously consider when you head to the store. All in all, we can say the Snapdragon 820 is a huge improvement over its prior version, and it is the best SoC of 2016.