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Within the past few weeks, WhatsApp has implemented tons of new changes. The betas keep rolling in at a fast rate, and a lot has changed, even if the changes are relatively small. Here’s a list of everything that’s taken place in recent weeks available for version 2.12.535:

  1. Bold and italics

You can finally format the text inside WhatsApp messages in either bold or italics. All you have to do is place the text you want modified inside asterisks for bold or between underscores for italics. The formatting should display on your device.

  1. Sender name is bolded

It may be a small change, but displaying the name of the sender as bold in notifications is much easier to read when you’re perusing messages to see who’s sending you something before you open the app. Plus, the notification keeps the same formatting displayed in chats.

  1. Sending feature improved

Within the past few weeks, when you find the need to attach a document, you may have noticed a new “browse other docs” option. This feature allows you to browse your Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive accounts, opening an Android file picker to allow you to choose the PDF you want to send from your online storage.

  1. No phone number displayed

Now, your profile section will only display your photo, name, and status. It is still there though, as it is instead moved to the more detailed Profile settings screen. However, it will not show your phone number in the top Settings level.

  1. Backup improvement

Previously, you would get a pop-up when the backup started that would block the entire app until it was complete. This could be a huge pain if you were right in the middle of a conversation, never knowing how long it would take because there wasn’t even a progress bar or time remaining stamp to watch. The pop-up may still block everything, but at least it now displays a progress percentage to give you a better idea of how much time you’re looking at waiting.

While some of these changes may be available on older versions of WhatsApp, you need to get 2.12.535 if you want the ability to utilize all the great new features, no matter how small they may be.