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Although many companies have tried to replicate what Microsoft messenger (or MSN) achieved, only one mobile application is able to claim their spot as the leading messenger platform: WhatsApp. A mobile application that was not particularly popular on its release is now part of Facebook and is listed in the “essentials” category of the App Store.

But why? Why is WhatsApp so immensely popular and successful? What do applications like Kik or Facebook messenger lack that WhatsApp seems to do so well? Although there are many factors that have made WhatsApp what it is today, it has two main features that are considered to be the most attractive ones: effectiveness and simplicity.

What´s cool about WhatsApp is that it doesn´t try to be more than what we need it to be. The people from Facebook the app is successful as it currently is and it should not be drastically altered. This doesn´t mean has not been room for innovation within all these years. In fact, WhatsApp is pretty different from its first version.

Version 2.12.4

Being the current version of the app, WhatsApp 2.12.453 has brought some minor but interesting changes to its platform. Among the most remarkable ones, we can point out the ability to back up your conversations and multimedia in case you lose your phone.

Another interesting addition on iOS is the one that enables users to share PDF files from external applications.

Version 2.12.3

This one is kind of old, as it was released on November 23 of 2015. With it, Facebook (every time we say Facebook we mean the company that owns WhatsApp, not the social media application) allowed its users to mark messages as unread.

Version 2.12.1

Version 2.12.1 brought to WhatsApp users one of the most useful and praised features of all times: WhatsApp calls. This allows you to make voice calls for free via the internet, just like you would normally do with applications like Skype. Although the calls might present lag on occasions, there is no question implementing this feature to their app was a smart choice. If you have a good internet connection and don´t want your phone bill to be too expensive, WhatsApp calls can save your life.

Version 2.11.5

Perhaps one of the biggest changes that have taken place in WhatsApp is its web version. Since March 14, 2015 users of WhatsApp are allowed to download and install the application on their computer and chat from there. Definitely a crucial implementation for those who work on their computers all day and don´t have time to be looking at their phones all the time.

Although WhatsApp has had hundreds of updates since the day of its release, these are the latest and most important ones. Implementations like WhatsApp web or WhatsApp calls are some of the reasons why this app cannot be replaced by any other on the market.

We are completely sure there are still much more versions to come in the future, and the only thing we can do in the meantime is speculate about what Facebook will  bring to our lives next time.