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To start right off the bat, Nokia S40 users, you might want to upgrade your phone to the latest Apple or Android phone.


As of recently, developers of WhatsApp have decided to discontinue their line of support for smartphones from BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows, and older versions on Android phones. This ending of support will be put into place by the end of 2016.

All updates of WhatsApp by 2017 will only work on the latest versions of Apple, Android, and Windows phone.

The holidays are around the end of 2016, and what a better way to invest yourself in one of these latest phones so that you can use the latest versions of WhatsApp.

Why Is WhatsApp Doing This?!

WhatsApp has evaluated the market shares for the latest smartphones and found that Apple, Android, and Window phones were among the largest group that are sold worldwide.

With huge sales that are out of competition for the current sales of Blackberry and other smartphones on the market, WhatsApp no longer finds the need to support old smartphones and smartphones from less popular brands.

It is sad, but as a business, WhatsApp is doing what’s best for its company as the percentage of users for these lesser known smartphones are so small that the time invested in their support isn’t efficient.


We highly suggest everyone switch on over to the latest smartphones by Apple, Android, and Windows.

If you love WhatsApp and want to continue using it, you will upgrade it by the end of 2016 as older and other brands of smartphones will no longer be able to use WhatsApp.

During the holidays, it will make a great gift for family members and even yourself.

Who knows, you might love the new features of the new smartphones made by popular brands.

Until next time.