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Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed that the next GTA 6 open world action-adventure video game is under development, but there are all kinds of rumors surfacing on the internet and while some are mentioning a bigger map, a new female protagonist and new missions, others are focusing on the new aerial missions and weapons.

The sixth installment of Grand Theft Auto is expected to bring more flying missions, but while some players believe that they will improve the game experiences, some think that the developers are deviating from the game’s real essence. In terms of weapons, the GTA V has 30, and the collection consists of 21 firearms, 5 melee items, 4 thrown weapons and Jerry Cans (gasoline). In GTA 6, the gamers want to see an actual m4 and mp5 or a bayonet attachment, three or four army bases or more melee attacks.

The GTA 6 will benefit from full VR support, besides being compatible with the PS 5 and Xbox Two consoles which are rumored to be released between 2018 and 2020. In 2016, most of the major manufacturers will launch virtual reality headsets and there are plenty games that will be available to play. Without a doubt, the GTA 6 will be one of the games that will be played in virtual reality, but we’ll see which will be the first headset that will support it.

Other rumors say that Rockstar Games will bring new themed clothing. The GTA 5 players were very happy when the Patch 1.33 came with new clothes, weapons and missions, but they’re keeping their enthusiasm for the upcoming game, which will surely bring more surprises.

It seems that Rockstar has found the perfect song that will be featured in GTA 6, and it’s called “Kakai”, which was written by Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian producer. According to a source, Rockstar has expressed interested in including this song in GTA 6, but there’s no confirmation yet if the developers shook hands with the guy whose song is very popular among African-American communities from all over the world.