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The new feature that Google has added to its Maps application is helping both the users and two online transportation network companies – Uber and Ola. The announcement was made on its Maps blog, where Google has specified that the application will show a “a dedicated tab with information for ride services—in addition to the existing car, transit, walking, or biking options.”

Google shook hands with six taxi providers from all over the world and this collaboration will be beneficial for the Maps users who installed Uber (Globally), 99Taxis (Brazil), Ola (India), Hailo (the UK and Spain), mytaxi (Germany and Spain), or Gett (the UK) applications, so when you will tap on the ride service tab, you “will be able to see fare estimates and pick up times if a car is available near you. Select a service, and we’ll take you directly to their app for you to book your ride with one tap.”

In a first phase, the new integrations will be available in Android, then they will come soon to iOS. In the previous versions of Maps app, there was an Uber option displayed at the bottom of a long list of travel routes, but Google will now provide a dedicated “taxi” tab for all the providers that teamed up with the American giant.

This new feature will help people who are planning to take trips to one of the countries where the aforementioned taxi services are supporting Maps app, as they will be able to find an available car in the vicinity.

This strategy is being used locally, as well, because “When you’re leaving work to meet a friend for dinner, you can easily compare your options to find the fastest way there, without having to open multiple apps,” explained Google engineer Holger Flier.

These car services won’t pay Google to be featured in Maps app and when you’ll select a service, you will be taken directly to the application, where you will book your ride with one tap.