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Android will be released later this year, most likely in October, alongside a new Nexus device, but for now, nobody knows which Google AEM partner will be in charge to build the next smartphone, or smartphones. Luckily, an early developer preview of Android N has been released almost two weeks ago and the users who want to test out the new features are able to enroll in the beta testing program.

The list of devices on which can be installed the preview version of Android includes the Nexus 6P, 5X, 6, 5, Nexus Player and all Pixel C devices and here are the features that Google will include in the upcoming operating system:

Fast Scroll Through The Apps List

When opening Settings and going to Apps, you will be able to easily scroll through the list of applications by enabling a fast scroll action, similar to the one in the Contacts list. Moreover, by dragging the scrollbar, you will quickly jump through alphabet letters.

Picture-in-picture Mode

You will be able to watch a video in a pinned window placed in one of the corners of the screen, while you’re navigating within applications. The picture-in-picture mode will allow you to multitask and to be productive.

Bundled notifications

All alerts coming from an application will be grouped together into a single notification, helping you to easily check multiple messages from various applications, at the same time. The bundled notifications can be expanded into individual messages when you’re tapping the banner using two fingers.

Doze 2.0

This battery saver was added to Marshmallow and its role was to shut down background tasks when the device remained idle for a period of time. In the new OS, Doze will be activated the moment the display will turn off, so the battery life will be extended.

Quick Replies

You will respond to messages and notification right within the notification banner, by tapping the Reply button. This means that you will no longer need to leave the application that is open, in order to reply to messages.

This feature was added by Samsung to its Galaxy Note phablets and Google has followed its example. Multi-window will be introduced in Android N and will allow you to run two applications side by side, in split-screen mode. Also, some of the applications will support resizing, so that they won’t take up too much space on your screen.

Medical Info On The Lockscreen

If you’ll ever faint in public or suffer an accident, strangers will be able to call your family or close friends, as there will be an Emergency call button on the screen and you’ll choose the person whom will be contacted in case something bad will happen to you. In addition, you will be able to add a medical profile, where you’ll enter information related to your medical problems.