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On March 23, Supercell will bring the first update for the Clash Royale game, three weeks later after it got a global release for iOS and Android. This information wasn’t confirmed by the developers, but some leaks already appeared on Reddit, indicating that the game will receive new Clash Royale character cards and gold rewards for victories.

Previously, Supercell has announced all the card balances that will be included in the March 23 Update, but below we’ll list also the additional features posted by the Reddit leakster. The Clash Royale game will receive balancing changes, as Supercell is now focusing on “offense over defense”, and some of the new defensive combinations that will with the first update are:

– X-Bow, whose range will be decreased to 12 from 13, which means that the players will no longer put it behind a Tesla, across the river, and still be able to hit their opponent’s tower;

– Tesla, whose hit speed will be decreased to 0.8sec from 0.7sec, making it more vulnerable to groups of troops, while the lifetime was decreased to 40sec from 60sec;

– Cannon, whose lifetime will be decreased to 30sec from 40sec, which will reduce its staying power;

– Princess’s hitpoints will be decreased by 10%, which means that when playing with Tournament Rule card levels, Arrows will take out the Princess for an even Elixir trade;

– Ice Wizard’s damage will be increased by 5%, making it more of a threat;

– Prince will have a charge speed decreased by 13%, which will give more time to opponents to react when their towers are attacked;

– Dark Prince will have its charge speed decreased also by 13%;

– Valkyrie will have the hitpoints and damage increased by 10%, helping her to find her place in the world;

– Royal Giant will have its damage increased by 20% because it was underpowered and now it has more chances to become a wrecking ball;

– Giant will have the damage increased by 5%, instead of receiving hitpoints, so he will become stronger on defense;

– Rage will get 40% movement and attack speed boost, being increased from 35%, will duration will be decreased by 20%, and this will make Rage more intense and a better offensive tool;

– Poison will have its damage increased by 5%, because it had low use rates;

– Mirror: Legendary Cards will be mirrored 1 level lower, as they were created at a disproportionately high level;

– Three Musketeers: Cost will be decreased to 9 from 10, and this change will increase their allure;

– Archers will have a quicker initial attack, like Spear Goblins, which means that they will be more responsive and effective;

– Balloon: Hitpoints will be increased by 5%, in order to get the towers more easily;

– Witch’s damage will be increased by 5%, so she will be come relevant again.

According to the Reddit leakster, Supercell will introduce three new cards: Lava Hound (Legendary) and Lava Pup, which will be insignificant, while Skeleton Warriors will rarely appear. Moreover, when winning battles, the players will get from 5 to 20 gold pieces at each arena level jump.

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