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The Clash of Clans March Update has just been released for this popular game. Before launching it, Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans, has given sneak peeks about this update, so the gamers knew what it will contain.

The latest sneak peek of the Clash of Clans: March update revealed a new troop that will improve the village’s defense. The new Dark Elixir troop is named Bowler and it becomes available when your Town Hall hits level 10. This troop will throw with big boulders from a distance, being capable of hitting two targets at once (equal damage on both of the targets).

As explained in the previous sneak peeks, the Town Hall 11 defense will get stronger thanks to the new level 9 Mortar and level 4 Inferno Tower. Once your Town Hall reaches level 10, you will be able to upgrade your Goblins to level 7 and Hog Riders to level 6.

This update also allows you to upgrade Valkyrie to level 5. We remind you that this troop was not as utilized as often as others and this is the reason why the developer decided to also add a damage buff to it. In addition, Valkyrie will also attack much faster now, which means that there will be more players who will prefer to use it from now on.

The new Clash of Clans: March Update also brought changes to the matchmaking system. From now on, there will be fewer matchups between Town Hall 11 and Town Hall 10 players, in order to make sure that each opponent has equal changes in the raid.

The Clash of Clans: March Update is now available and it will be automatically downloaded to your iOS or Android device as soon as you connect to the internet.

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