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Supercell has finally released the March update for its Clash Of Clans game on iOS and Android and it comes with a new troop, balance tweaks and better defenses. The new troop that was added is called the Bowler and in the game will be throwing big boulders.

The entire changelog can be found on the official CoC forums, and in it are mentioned all the new features that have been included in the March Update. The most important addition is the new Dark Elixir troop called the Bowler, which was introduced after two years of waiting. Bowler will kick into action when Town Hall reaches level 10 and will throw huge boulders, from the distance, towards two targets, hitting them at once. When using them on offense, the players will deploy some of the Bowlers for massive damage, and on defense, they will defeat skeletons. If the player will have a wide base, there will be more Bowlers that will do their job very well.

Secondly, the game has received new troop levels. Defenses become stronger in Town Hall 11, as the players are able to unlock a level 4 Inferno Tower and level 9 Mortar, improving the current structures, and a similar thing will happen in Town Hall 10 with level 6 Hog Rider and level 7 Goblin. The new levels won’t change the way the troops are being used, but if the builds get stronger, the player has more chances to stand up against powerful opponents. Also, in level 5, Valkyrie’s damage is increased, as she will mobilize attacks quicker.

The balance changes revolve around Witches and Healers. At Town Hall 9, traps are no longer triggered by Skeletons spawned from Witches, while the Queen walk strategy will be less effective, because Supercell limited attacks to just three minutes, in all levels.

The matchmaking system favors now defense and strategy instead of force power, and between Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11 there will be fewer matchups, and the players will use the same troops.