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Just recently, two network carriers began their Android Marshmallow update to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5. Verizon has already update the software on these devices, and Sprint was still rather quiet on when Marshmallow would be available on the Note 5. Sprint verified that the Galaxy S6 is going to the operating software.

Various reports have stated the update from Android Marshmallow on the Note 5 is riddled with issues, draining the battery and connectivity problems for Wi-Fi. Samsung said it would soon release another version to fix these bugs.

The firmware will be sent over air, and users should get a notification for when it’s ready for download. However, if users want to do this manually, they can check for the update going to Settings, About Phone, System Updates, Check for Update. If available, the installation process will start right away.

Users are advised to use a wireless connection before they download the 940MB file to keep from paying a huge bill the next month. Before the installation begins, be sure the battery is at 50 percent or leave it on the charger. If it shuts off during the download, the phone may become bricked.

Samsung’s next phones to attain the Marshmallow update include: Galaxy A3, A7, Alpha, EF, J2 and J5.

Galaxy S6 and Note 5 were made public last year and have similar designs – metal frame, glass on the back, same process – Exynos 7420 octa core with 4 cores that attain 1.5Ghz and four cores that can reach 2.1Ghz. The Note 5 is quicker, as it is supported with 4GB of AM and has 1GB more. Both phones have a 16MP camera on the back, which also include autofocus, LED flash and OIS. They also have a 5MP camera on the front.