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Not only are there a number of awesome apps, eBooks, and widgets in the Google Play Store, Android users absolutely adore everything the store has to offer. However, there may be quite a few tips and tricks you might not have heard about yet. There are some surprisingly great settings and configurations that help you to better manage your downloads, past purchases, and restrict certain settings on multiple devices.

  1. Password Restrict Purchases

This feature comes in handy if you have kids, are around kids regularly, or just want your Google wallet to be more secure. Password restriction can also come in handy if you have more than one user on a single Android device around the home. To enable the password restriction, go to Google Play Store Settings, select password, and enter in the password of your choice.

  1. Filter mature content

As apps are rated in terms of maturity on Google Play, there are some factors such as gambling, violence, and crude humor that determine the level of maturity. If you have kids that you don’t want to view certain levels, you can filter the content by heading to the Play Store Settings, selecting content filtering, and choosing the appropriate level of maturity.

  1. Display all your orders

To stay on top of all your app orders and in-app spending, you can visit the Play Store, click the Gear icon, and head to My orders to see your buying history.

  1. Control your device

With Play Store version 3.2.25, an app was introduced called Android Device Manager. This handy app allows you to control your device remotely via the Play Store. You can ring your device, lock it, or erase the data in case your device gets lost or stolen. Just head to the Play Store, click on the Gear icon, and head to Android Device Manager.

  1. Stop auto-adding widgets

Every time you download an app from the App Store, a widget shortcut is created. Unfortunately, this leads to your home screen becoming filled with widgets you might not use or even want. To stop Google Play Store from automatically adding them to your home screen, you can disable it by going to Settings and de-selecting “add icon to home screen.”

While these tips and tricks are definitely handy, there are tons more settings available to help you customize your Google Play Store experience and make your life just a little bit easier. Head over to the Play Store Settings today to see all the other wonderful capabilities Google has to offer.