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Windows 8 came with some radical changes and this was the reason why many users have decided to stick to Windows 7 for a while. We remind you that the “Start” button has been removed in Windows 8, and this was a big disappointment for many users.

However, Microsoft has learned from its mistakes and released the Windows 10 with the “Start” button, which will surely please all the Windows 7 fans. Today we’re going to compare the Windows 7 and Windows 10, in order to see what has changed.

The Start Menu

The Windows 7 fans will not get “stuck” once they upgrade to Windows 10, as the user interface is mostly the same. As we’ve told you above, the “Start” button is back, and the users can click on it in order to access the Start Menu and to navigate the Windows Directory.

Searching The Web Directly From Your Desktop

One of the big chances between these two operating systems is related to the search function. In Windows 10, the search bar will not only look for files, apps and folders that are inside your computer, but it will also look in the Windows Store and your browser, which means that you will be able to find information on the internet right from your desktop. To do this, just hit the “Windows” key and start typing and you will see search results displayed in a browser window.


The Windows Phone users will already be used to Cortana, the virtual assistant, which supports voice commands. By clicking the search area in the taskbar, you will open the Cortana interface, and you will ask information about the weather, give her tasks and tell her to set reminders or even ask her to play some music on your computer.

Virtual Desktops

A feature that was missing from the Windows 7 and is found in the Windows 10 is the “Virtual Desktops”. This new feature allows you to create virtual desktops, which means that you will be able to put your work stuff in a virtual desktop, while your personal stuff will be in another one. In addition, you will be able to drag open applications from a virtual desktop to another, which is quite awesome.

Edge browser

With the new Windows 10, you can say goodbye to the old Internet Explorer that was found in Windows 7. The new browser runs smoother, loads the web pages faster and it is more secure!