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If you’re lucky then you’re not going to face any problems after updating to Windows 10 and if everything goes fine then you shouldn’t be having these issues anyway but as is common with operating systems developed by Microsoft, you’ll end up facing problems which you’ve never even imagined.

Whether all of a sudden your computer’s sound stops working or perhaps it’s just your internet connection, rest assured, we’ve got some of the most common problems as well as their solutions listed for you.

Playing DVDs

If you’ve had a habit of playing DVDs on your computer then the first thing you’d notice is that you can’t play DVDs on Windows 10, well you have no reason to worry because even if Microsoft refuses to let us do so for free, there’s countless applications out there which are more than happy to provide us their services.

You’re completely free to have the software of your choice, whether you choose VLC or the K-Lite Codec Pack’s MPC to do your bidding, rest assured, all of your DVDs shall remain playable.

Random crashes and the Blue Screen of Death

The famous Blue Screen of Death has been the fear of everyone familiar with Microsoft’s operating systems, whether it’s because of your GPU being incompatible with the OS or perhaps just a minor driver issue, these errors shouldn’t be ignored if they happen more than once.

Keep an eye open for the specific error on the BSoD, if your computer crashes only when you’re playing a high graphic game, or perhaps only when you’ve been on YouTube for too long, it might not be a drivers related issue, nevertheless it’s always suggested to reinstall the essential drivers for your computer, these include the basic chip-set drivers as well as drivers for any additional hardware you might be running.

Automatic Updates

Windows 10 might interrupt you more than once with its automatic updates, it’s highly suggested to at least make it so you have the final say on the matter, let Windows download all the updates but let you choose when to install them, this lets Windows gather up the latest updates and then lets you choose whether or not you wish to install them, because at the end of the day, there’s some updates which might do more harm than good as far as Windows is concerned.

Drivers should always be kept up-to-date but that doesn’t mean you should jump on the first update that’s available to you, there’s no need to update as soon as its available if you’re not having any issues at all, the only drivers which should be kept up-to-date are essential hardware drivers such as graphic cards, motherboard chip-sets, sound cards, WiFi adapter, etc.

On the other hand, Windows 10 comes with the ability to completely reset your entire OS, simply click on the Start button and search for “Reset this PC”, from where onward you’ll be provided with additional options and the specifics to which you’re interested in resetting your PC, you may opt in for a fresh install or just roll it back to a previous version.