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More than one billion used the popular mobile application WhatsApp to stay in touch with the people they love. WhatsApp’s developers are always looking for ways to improve it, but are intently focused on the Android version more than phones with the Windows OS. These users have been waiting weeks for the latest update.

WhatsApp 2.12.314 is the latest WhatsApp version and has been made public to Windows Phone devices. This version is equipped with a new icon for the “Document” attach button. On top of that, it has a regional localization for specific prompts. This means based on users location, they’ll be warned that documents can be sent only to people with the most recent app version. Along with that, the latest version has improvements to its video compression processing.

It’s important users know that only a limited amount of Windows Phone users can download and install the BETA version of WhatsApp. Rumors circle that WhatsApp 2.12.314 will eventually be offered to all users of Windows Phones.

The most recent WhatsApp public version is available via the Windows Store. Developers will waive the $0.99 annual fee, making it completely free.
According to rumors, a Video Calling feature is set to be added to the app fairly soon. It’s anticipated to be released first on Android devices than Windows Phone, iOS, etc. There’s not been a confirmation from the developers of WhatsApp, which means people need to take the information with a grain of salt.