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WhatsApp has become the most used instant messaging application in the world, being used by 1 billion people who have an Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 or Nokia device. Unfortunately, soon, the BlackBerry 10 platform will stop being supported and WhatsApp’s developers announced that they will no longer release updates for the Nokia devices either, and older Android versions will be also excluded as well. Luckily, iOS will continue to be improved and recently, it received a new update that brought some useful features.

WhatsApp 2.12.16 for iOS allows the users to save incoming media (photos and videos) for specific chats/groups, by clicking on the chat/group name and tapping the “Always” option. By default, the option to save incoming media is set as off, so that the microSD card of the users’ phones won’t be filled with images or videos shared by their friends and they will not appear on their iPhones’ camera roll. Moreover, this feature gives the users the possibility to receive media files only from their close friends or families, which gives them more control over what they want to be saved in the camera roll. Until now, the iOS were very frustrated because they had only two options: to either save all incoming media, or stop files from being saved to their phones.

Another great feature gives the users the ability to reply quickly by pulling down on in-app notifications to reply quickly, while missed calls are now displayed inside the chat instead of the recent tab. Also, the users can share PDFs from their contacts, into WhatsApp.

As for the Android version, in the latest 2.12.535 beta update was spotted a new feature that lets users to add bold or italics-style texts in their messages, by putting asterisks in front and at the end of the text to add bold type, while for italics type, the text must be put between two underscore _ symbols.

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