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The developers of WhatsApp haven’t forgotten about the Windows Phone version and released the 2.12.338 beta update with a surprising new feature. Thanks to this update, the users will be able to trim videos before sending them, and this feature follows the addition of the video compressor which will compress long videos before being sent.

This new feature was discovered by and according to the Italian website, “light” videos can be trimmed without a problem, but when they trimmed videos that are more than 150MB, things didn’t go so softly. Hopefully, the developers will improve this feature over time.

So, when opening the video in WhatsApp, the frames will be shown at the top of the screen, and you’ll decide which portion of the video you want to send. You’ll move the cursor to the beginning and end of the section that will be kept, while the rest of the frames will be deleted. Also, by using an appropriate tool, you will be able to crop the video viewing area. When sending the trimmed video, you’ll see the progress and an X which, if touched, will cancel the transfer.

It isn’t known when this feature will be added in the public version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone. The current public update is 2.12.318 and the users are extremely disappointed because it doesn’t bring any important change, not even the ability to attach documents that are bigger than 64MB. This update can be downloaded from the Windows Store and soon, the developers will upload 2.12.338 as well, after passing the beta phase. Previously, the developers have added the option to save all media files received in chat, so you can choose “Yes” (default), “Always” or “Never”.

As for the Android version, the 2.12.542 beta update was just released and it comes with 27 new wallpapers that can be used to customize the application.