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WhatsApp is, officially, the most used messaging application in the world, and since its launch in February 2009, it gained 1 billion active users, most of them accessing it from an iPhone or Android device. The developers are releasing updates quite frequently, in order to fix some of the bugs that are reported by the users or found by them, but one thing’s for sure: WhatsApp isn’t perfect and its problems are causing frustration. Below, we’ll give you a list of common issues that the WhatsApp users are facing, but which have solutions.

When You can’t Install The Application

It means that your smartphone may run on an older version of Android (2.1), iOS (6.0), so you’ll need to upgrade your device. However, by the end of 2016, WhatsApp will no longer support Android 2.1 and 2.2, BlackBerry 10 and Nokia phones, so put some money aside and buy a more advanced smartphone, if you want to continue using WhatsApp. Also, if you’re trying to install WhatsApp on your Android phone for the first time, then you should know that you can’t download the application from a third party source (other than the Google Play), without enabling the Unknown Source option from Settings > Security.

WhatsApp Can’t Be Installed On WiFi Tablets

WhatsApp depends on a SIM card number, so if your tablet has only support for WiFi, you won’t be able to activate your account. There are a few methods to install WhatsApp on a WiFi-only tablet, but we don’t recommend you to try anything that’s risky.

When WhatsApp’s Not Working

You must restart your phone, or install the latest version of the application, make sure that the device is connected to a wireless network or the 3G is working (check it in Settings > Wireless and Network), check if there’s a killer application affecting WhatsApp, clear the app cache (Settings > Applications > WhatsApp > Clear Cache) or uninstall the application and re-install it.

When The Contacts Are Not Recognized

You might have entered an incorrect number, or that person doesn’t use WhatsApp. Sometimes, problems appear when trying to reach users with an older WhatsApp version, or if they configure their privacy settings and don’t appear “visible” or “viewable”, they can’t be contacted.

Blocking Annoying Contacts

There are many obsessed people who start harassing their victims through WhatsApp. The only way to get rid of them is by blocking them and this can be done by going to the conversation with him/her and tapping the three dots Options button, then on More and Block.

Hiding The Last Seen Timestamp

By hiding your Las Seen, you’ll make sure that your stalkers won’t know that you were online and didn’t want to reply to their messages. You will go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen and select Nobody.

Backing Up WhatsApp Conversations

WhatsApp supports Google Drive backups, so if you don’t want to lose your conversations due to various reasons, save them on the cloud, by going to Settings > Chats and calls > Chat backup.