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It’s that time of year again as Pokemon trainers and fans are gathering up together to find the latest news on what the next Pokemon game will be.

If you’re like most hardcore fans, you would have already known about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon! These two versions of the games will set you onto new adventures in a new world filled with a couple of hundreds of new Pokemon ready to be discovered.

As of now, we do not know of any release dates for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, but we can predict that it will be around late 2016 as the holidays will be close where these games will make the perfect gift for many.

Fans want to know what will be in store for the new Pokemon game and how many new unique features are added.

Some Things We Do Know About Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon

Like many previous generations of Pokemon games, there are always new features that are put into each new release.

Examples are as we look back to Pokemon Saphire and Ruby, we see the feature of running shoes. Fast forward to Pokemon X and Y which introduced skates that made travelling in the game even 10x faster. Rumor now has it that there will be the usage of vehicles to travel instead of just your shoes, skates, or bicycle.

If there will be an implementation of vehicles as a travelling gear, you can bet that the world will be much bigger than ever before. Vehicle allows you to travel faster and takes up more space, so that means there will be long roads that will separate the distance from one city to the other.

This is just out guess, however, but there are a lot more features and skills to be used in the new game that we have not been informed yet, and could possibly make the game one of the most diverse out of all the series.

Get ready and stay tuned Pokemon Fans!

When To Expect An Announcement?

As we said before, there are no news when the announcement will be made, but looing back at previous series, they were release close to summer or winter. Like most of the latest series, we are looking at a release date that will be near the holidays which means closer to fall and winter.

Keep your google tabs open Pokemon fans because this game will rock your pokeballs off! Everyone is excited from young children to grown adults who have been fans of Pokemon since childhood!

We can only wait, talk, and make assumptions as to what will happen.

Until next time.

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