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WhatsApp rolls out updates at such a fast pace that it’s hard to keep up with which features were included in which update version. Version 2.12.536 of the popular app was released on March 18, 2016 but an earlier version, 2.12.535 was released the day before. See how fast those updates come?

A lot has changed since WhatsApp 2.12.522 and this post will detail those changes.

As of Version 2.12.535

This section will detail the latest features present in WhatsApp as of version 2.12.535. Here are the changes:

  • Formatting text in messages is now possible. However, the formatting options available at this point are just bold and italics. To make a text bold, all you have to do is put the text between asterisks, like this *your text here* while italiczing words involves putting them between underscores, like this: _your text here_. But although this change has been implemented, the person you send the message to needs their version upgraded as well so they can see bolded or italicized text.
  • Sender’s name is now in bold. When you get a notification from someone, you’ll see their name in bold. This update makes it so much for you to read the messages, especially when you receive a lot of them. With this update, you can see who’s sending you a message even before you open the app.
  • Document sending was improved. Document sharing was introduced in an earlier update of WhatsApp that allowed you to attach documents by simply tapping on the Document icon. However, that was limited to just PDF files. The latest update saw a Browse other docs option show up when attaching a document. This new update can let you browse Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. But while it allows users to browse Docs and Sheets, those files are still converted to PDFs before being sent.
  • Local backup was enhanced. Although the backup pop-up still occupies the entire screen, the newest update actually informs you how much more time you need to wait before the backup process is over.
  • Profile section was improved. The latest update shows your profile section with photo, name and status and no more phone number. The number is still there though, just in the detailed Profile settings screen.

What’s New in Version 2.12.535

These are the latest updates included in the latest WhatsApp version:

  • Send and receive PDFs
  • View sent and received PDFs by tapping Media from contact info or group info
  • View starred messages for a given chat from contact info or group info
  • Choose to keep starred messages when clearing a chat