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The latest beta version of WhatsApp (2.12.535) for Android has received new features, such as a redesigned Settings page, end-to-end encryption notification and pdf files sharing. WhatsApp 2.12.535 is available as OTA update on the Google Play store and it can be installed by the beta testers enrolled in the program, so it can’t be downloaded yet from WhastApp’s official website.

After adding document sharing, the developers have brought other important changes. From now on, the users will be able to make text inside messages as BOLD or Italic, by putting asterisks before and after the text to make it Bold, or italicise _between underscores_ so that the phrase will have an Italic font. However, these customizations will be seen by the recipient only if he/she runs the same version of WhatsApp.

The formatting will be applied to notification alerts as well, as the name of the sender will be seen in bold when the notification drops down, and if the sender has used bold or italic fonts, the text will be shown in the same format, in the notification tray.

The developers are now allowing the users to send pdf files as well, from the phone’s internal memory or from Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, where they’re storing these files. From the Google Drive can be sent also Docs, Sheets, and Slides files, but WhatsApp will automatically convert them into a pdf format.

Another useful addition to the WhatsApp update v2.12.535 is the progress bar which will be displayed when the scheduled backup starts on the device. This will help the users know how long it takes until they will be able to return to the application.

In parallel, the developers have released the update 2.12.16 for iPhones and the users can download it from iTunes. The new features that have been included in this update are missed call notifications within chats, pdf files sharing, quick reply to in-app notifications and the possibility to save incoming media in contact/group info.