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On Tuesday, Google has introduced a new feature to its Inbox by Gmail email service. Smart Reply is its name and will allow the PC users to respond to their friends faster, by using prewritten replies, or their own text which they can edit to “sound” more… natural. This feature was firstly added to the mobile version of Inbox by Gmail, and so far, ten percent of mobile replies have been sent with Smart Reply.

Busy people don’t have time to write long messages to their contacts and the best way to not make the others feel neglected is by replying to their emails even with a prewritten text. And Google has thought about this category of users and gave them a tool that will help them write messages without too many taps. Smart reply will automatically suggest short responses based on what it learns by analyzing the sender’s text. So, Inbox will be able to learn how the users are replying over time to their contact’s messages and will know what suggestions to offer when Smart Reply will be used. The feature was firstly added to iOS and Android, in November 2015 and now it’s available for PC as well.

The only way to be able to use this feature is by switching from the traditional Gmail to the new Inbox by Gmail email service, but the users need to have patience with it, because in time, the email-drafting program will get better at suggesting more natural responses, tricking the recipient to believe that the message was composed by the sender, and not by the application.

The early version of the email-writing robot was using a few standard replies such as “I love you”, and it was very awkward for those who send quickly, without realizing what phrase they’ve included in the message. Google had to train the AI system to suggest responses that don’t seem written by a robot.