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Whether your error message says “Shockwave Flash has crashed Chrome” or “Adobe Flash has crashed Chrome” rest assured because the cause of your crash is the Flash Player which comes built-in with Google Chrome.

More often than not, you’ll face this issue while streaming media from an online website or just playing a flash based browser game, even though Google has done a great job at optimizing their own internal version of Adobe Flash for Chrome, it’s still far from perfect because at its core, Flash is known for the various bugs, memory leaks, glitches and security risks that it holds so dear.

There’s no reason to worry though because there are more than enough ways to fix everything up for you.

Find out what’s causing the problem

You can type “about:plugins” in the address bar and look for anything that says Flash, sometimes there will be more than one files (it might say “2 files” in brackets right after Adobe Flash Player), simply disable one of them and rejoice as all of your problems go away.

This however, is a rather rare occurrence, if you don’t see two different plugins running on your Chrome browser then you’re going to have to do a little bit more work to get rid of your problems.

Interfering plugins or extensions

Browsers perform at their best when there’s no bloatware installed on them, only keep the most essential of extensions and plugins installed and get rid of anything that you don’t need, at the end of the day, you don’t need to have all the extensions active at all times, disables ones you’re not using until the time comes that you require their features.

Simply try disabling all of your extensions and restart Chrome, if there was any extensions  interfering with Flash, this should solve your problem without trouble.

A Fresh Chrome

Google offers a cleanup tool for users of Google Chrome, you can find it over here, it’ll easily remove all the different pieces of software that aren’t necessary for Chrome to function, after which you can reinstall your old extensions one by one until you find out what’s causing the problem.

If this doesn’t solve your issue then you can simply try uninstalling Google Chrome and reinstalling it, giving you a completely fresh copy of the browser along with a fresh Adobe Flash Player plugin.

If you’re still having issues then you need to ask yourself a question, does it only happen when you’re browsing a specific website or doing a certain task? There’s always the possibility of that the developer of that website failed to lock up a memory leak, a memory leak is what happens when a piece of software uses and allocates more memory from your computer to do tasks but fails to free up the memory its no longer using, ultimately resulting in a crash when the computer runs out of memory.

It might just be a good idea to change your habits for a while and find your entertainment somewhere else, there’s no shortage of alternatives for entertainment in the modern world.