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Pokemon GO developer Niantic recently announced that the beta augmented-reality game will be released later this month… in Japan. Other regions of the world may also get in on the action in future times.

It appears that the field testing allows gamers to share their feedback with developers in order for developers to better the Pokemon Go game experience. Registration is currently open for gamers located in Japan who want to make the game great.

To qualify for a spot for the beta program, users will need to have either an iOS or Android device and have a registered Google account. There are a limited number of slots, and people who sign up and are approved must keep the game information confidential.

The moment the announcement from Niantic was masde about the Beta program, a number of fake websites were developed, asking people to sign up using their email address to try the game beta out. The company alerted gamers to never use email addresses or passwords to log into these websites.

There’s been no official ate for the game release, but if the game beta is to be held in other areas of the world, and the developers fix game bugs that have been reported, they’ll release the game to the public. It’s possible developers will have an open beta for the game in an effort to attain more feedback and ensure nothing has been missed before its official release.