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Apple is expected to unveil a smaller iPhone SE next Monday together with an even smaller version of the iPad Pro released last year.

As this news takes shape, another rumor has started developing with respect to the next iPhone flagship, which, if all goes well, will be called iPhone 7. Recent years have seen Cupertino release the flagship model alongside an even larger device dubbed the “Plus” version. It started with iPhone 6 Plus and a year later the iPhone 6S Plus followed.

There have been very subtle differences between the standard iPhone and the Plus model. However, latest reports have been suggesting that Apple wants to differentiate these devices even more. The latest speculations are only but backing the idea of having an iPhone 7 Plus model that is equipped with a dual-lens camera system. Multiple images are doing rounds online showing that this could indeed be coming to the next iPhone phablet.

Latest reports coming from Taiwan indicate that Apple is truly working on a dual-image camera module that might be installed in the larger iPhone 7 Plus smartphone. The leaked images actually match earlier renders that had been shared on a Chinese website back in January this year. The same has also been spotted on Chinese social networking platform Weibo, an indicator that the said dual-lens camera could really be coming to the next iPhone 7 Plus as rumored earlier.

Interestingly, all leaked images on different platforms are almost the same in resemblance. You’ll notice a dual-lens setup where a narrow lens appears in the larger left enclosure and on the right enclosure there is a wider lens. In addition, there are twin cables that let the camera attach to the iPhone 7 Plus’ logic board.

At the moment, we cannot confirm that the leaked component is really meant for the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus. However, more curiosity is drawn by the fact that the component has a familiar part number – 821 – which Apple has used before. Rumors have been rife that Apple is secretly working on a new dual-lens camera system and running tests of modules from different OEMs. Now that the latest reports point towards the same dual-lens camera module, there are chances that Apple might actually unveil an iPhone 7 Plus that features a dual camera, something similar to what LG did with the LG G5.

Apple might launch two variants of the iPhone 7 Plus

As rumors of Apple looking for further ways to differentiate the iPhone 7 and the larger iPhone 7 Plus keep surfacing, there is also word that Cupertino might come in with two variants of the larger smartphone.

If this remains to be true, we might see one iPhone 7 Plus with a single camera module and another variant with the dual-lens camera module. This cannot be proved in any way as it could well be a prototyping phase for the upcoming device, which could mean only two variants of the flagship as released. However, don’t expect the dual camera system to feature on the 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will likely be launched in September this year.