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There have been all kinds of leaks and news about the long-anticipated Clash of Clans March 2016 grand update. However, Supercell has mentioned that a big surprise is coking to COC players but did not reveal any details.

Earlier in the year, Supercell, which is based in Helsinki, made the announcement, saying it was focused to providing more to its COC players. The company earned $924 million from in-app buys.

Leaks regarding the new troop being a Musketeer have been dismissed, but no one knows for sure if that rumor is real or not. In fact, no one knows anything until the update is made available to the public. There are rumors that an update for Queen Walk is being done. This information comes from information taken from game files.

Queen Walk, also called Superqueen, is garnering attention as it gets more power, especially since it has more than 30 heroes. A potential nerf for Queen Walk is being rumored as well as a Rocketeer whereas there will be a reduction in stacked healing from the Multiple Healers.

Another rumor is the quality of life changes, with Revenges not being able to provide league bonuses but rather adding it to Daily Star Bonus. If this goes through, gamers will need to keep connected and allow battles to continue.

According to a Supercell staff member, an update is set to be released but what that update will be has not been finalized. Supercell loves the attention it’s getting but doesn’t want gamers to believe everything they’re hearing or reading. Supercell was making reference to the Queen and Healer balance as well about the nerf rumors.

The Clash of Clans developers did make mention of the war base and defense optimization. They said changes will include factoring defensive progress into all calculations to ensure the alignment of War Bases. The calculations will also rebalance the village progress.

Sneak peaks were to have begun recently; but, according to the company, the development team is currently working on this, making sure the update becomes the best possible before being released.

Supercell said its profits of $924 million came from the COC game and its $2.3 billion revenue in 2015. COC was released to the public in 2012, ranking number 1 and 2 throughout 2015.