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iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were released in September last year, a year after the release of the now seemingly older iPhone 6.

These two phones came in with the same design language; however, there were some significant differences under the hood. Other than these changes in hardware, Apple also came in with one revolutionary feature known as 3D Touch.

This feature was actually teased by the iPhone maker on its Apple Watch, but here it was known as Force Touch. With the release of the iPhone 6S there came 3D Touch, a technology that can sense the amount of pressure you apply when touching the screen. This feature then goes ahead to let users carry out things such as peeking at emails or videos before popping it open.

With huge chances that you are currently not using any of the new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus that supports the 3D Touch out of the box, there is a new way of getting this ability to your older iPhone 6, 6Plus, iPhone 5S and other iDevices that apparently don’t support this functionality.

PeekPop brings peek and pop fun to older iPhones and iPads

The new GitHub repository that has been dubbed PeekPop now lets users of iPhone 6 and other older iPhones and iPads that do not support 3D Touch to start having the peek and pop fun of this pressure-sensitive feature.

The new workaround has been written inn Swift language and is actually a recreation of the already familiar peek and pop animation. In addition, this framework makes use of almost the same API as to what Apple uses in its own 3D Touch feature, however, you must be using at least iOS 8 in order to take advantage of this tool. The good news here is that developers can easily customize the pressure sensitivity levels for their different apps.

With the new PeekPop framework, Apple enthusiasts who own a variety of iDevices including the newer iPhone 6S or 6S Plus will now enjoy a seamless experience across their entire collection, be it an iPad or iPod.

It has previously been thought that the 3D Touch functionality requires hardware of the devices to be altered. However, PeekPop brings to the fold something different where it simply mimics the functionality without making any changes to the current hardware.

If you are an Apple developer and would want to give this new PeekPop framework a try, visit the official page here.