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The internet has turned out to be one of the best money-making havens for millions of people across the globe.

Led by Google, companies, groups and individual persons are using the internet to reap huge sums of money. Some of these companies, again led by Google, have resolved to offering users tools that help them making more money while at the same time helping the former earn even more.

Google thrives as a marketing platform where different business organizations and companies want to publicize their services to the masses that use its services to access the internet. The company also wants to help you, as an individual building an application or even as an organization maybe running an online store, with a refreshed Google analytics tool that can ensure you easily get to know what your customers are trying to achieve and better ways you can employ to serve them.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite

The newly launched enterprise-grade analytics tools are meant to help all marketers who depend on Google Analytics to gain further insights about the habits of their customers as well as their path. In this way, the marketers can easily share the information with team members and in so doing come up with much better ways of serving these people.

The six tools released by the company are contained in what is known as the Google Analytics 360 Suite and four of them are all new whereas two have been refreshed.

Google Attribution 360

Previously referred to as Adometry, Google Attribution 360 is used to inform marketers that they should value their marketing investments (data) as well as remember to allocate budgets in the right way.

Google Analytics 360

Previously known as Google Analytics Premium or simply GA Premium, Google Analytics 360 is now the heart of all your data measurement as well as ad product management requirements. More features will be added to this app with time.

Google Tag Manager 360

This Google Analytics tool allows for streamlined collection of data across sites and campaigns with the help of tags. The app also supports APIs as it looks to simplify your entire workflow.

Google Data Studio 360

With Google Data Studio 360, you will get a closer look at your site’s data with the help of real-time collaboration and visualization tools. It even makes generating of reports and dashboard a lot easier thanks to its help with respect to tracking stats.

Google Optimize 360

Still in beta, the Google Optimize 360 app lets users test their sites with different variations of interface and messaging elements in order to get what’s best for their audience.

Google Audience Center 360

The Google Audience Center 360 app is basically a data management platform that can be used by marketers to understand their customers. There is nothing to worry about when working with third party data providers as the app has no problem. It also works natively with Google as well as DoubleClick’s ad networks.

Be warned that the Google Analytics 360 Suite is still in beta, so it may still have some bugs or errors when working with the apps.