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When a person’s YouTube suddenly crashes, it’s generally because their Adobe Flash Player is no longer in date.

In order for YouTube videos and other PC or Mac video games to work properly, the Adobe Flash Player software must be current. A lack of the current software means many entertainment sources are not available to users.

If you’re not sure of how to update your Adobe Flash Player software for either the Mac or PC, this article gives you the step-by-step guide to getting this done.

On some systems, the update is automatically applied. However, for many other folks, they’ll have to visit the Adobe website and download the latest update and patch.

How PC Users Can Update Adobe Flash Player

It’s quite simple to update the PC’s flash player. When the flash player is out of date and you’re watching or playing something, an error message will come on the screen with a link to the software developer’s website that will allow you to download the most recent update. However, if there is no error message, you can go to:

Users will be asked to confirm their system’s operating software and the version of player they need. Upon choosing the right options, users will need to press the install button on the right and download the player drive to the computer. Once download, open it and the installation process should begin.

It takes minutes to get done!

Users of Google Chrome will always have an updated version of Adobe Flash since it’s a plugin for the web browser and updates automatically. Google Chrome is highly recommended for web browsers because it’s safe, efficient and quick.

How Mac Users Can Update Adobe Flash Player

In order to update Flash on the Mac, users do the same as PC users, checking out the following link: On the left, users will need to choose their operating software and Adobe version. They’ll need to press the install button on the right to update the flash player to the latest version.

Google Chrome can also be used on the Mac, which is why users are advised to use it to stay current with the newest Flash Player version.

With the latest Adobe Flash Player, users can safely and effectively weave through the Internet and not have to worry so much about hacking.