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Apple recently released a hardware update for its third-generation Apple 4 Siri Remote. Its old third-generation Apple TV remote received its upgrade, and the remote, which was presented with the newest set-top box, is loaded with an array of important sensors that help with user experience.

Users who don’t know it, the Siri remote includes hardware that’s controlled by firmware. An upgrade of this firmware is extremely important. The upgrade can be completed by opening the home screen of the Apple TV 4 device and going into the Settings application. Next, users will need to click and open “Remotes and Devices, Bluetooth and then highlight Remote. After that, they’ll need to hit the button Play/Pause four times quickly.

Once this is done, they’ll need to go back to the “Remotes and Devices” screen and see if a firmware update is available for their Siri Remote. If available, the device will begin downloading automatically, and when in sleep mode or not being used, the update installs.

The installation process can take nearly 30 minutes to complete, which is why users are advised to wait until it’s completely done before using the remote. Users’ connection to the Internet – its speed – will dictate how fast or slow the firmware will update. The Siri Remote should also be completely charged, as shutting down in the middle of the update process causes it not to work any longer.

Four months ago, the fourth generation Apple TV was made available to the public. It operates on an A8 processor, using 2GBs of RAM with two options for internal storage – 32GB and 64GB.