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Apple is not expected to unveil the new iPhone 7 until September this year; however, this can’t stop leakers from doing their thing.

As we eagerly wait for the release of a smaller iPhone SE this coming week, it seems Apple has more surprises for you coming up later this year. The iPhone 7 will definitely be a huge release, especially considering the amazing reviews Samsung Galaxy S7 has been receiving since it was made official a few days ago.

In this line, recent reports claim that Cupertino is busy working on a third model that will help it expand its line of products in the market with respect to the iPhone. Dubbed the iPhone 7 Pro, this phone might come in as a third option alongside the iPhone 7 Plus, but with a unique addition that will further differentiate it from the phablet.

The iPhone 7 Pro will feature s 5.5-inch screen just like the iPhone 7 Plus, however, it will rest above these two in terms of features and specs. If all goes well, all three phones will be released together during an Apple event in September.

What’s unique about iPhone 7 Pro?

Apple has basically failed to differentiate its standard 4.7-inch iPhone from the phablet iPhone Plus. Apart from the size, there is really nothing else that puts these devices apart. But this is about to change with the introduction of iPhone 7.

However, if the latest reports materialize, it would mean the subtle differences now shift to the larger devices. Previous rumors had indicated that Apple would release two variants of the iPhone 7 as usual, but this time extends the differentiation with the help of a dual-lens camera system. As it seems, this won’t be the case since there is another phablet in the shape of iPhone 7 Pro.

If this Pro comes to life, then we might have an iPhone 7 Plus model that has no dual-lens camera system as previously indicated. Instead, it is the iPhone 7 Pro that will feature the dual-camera system.

With the iPhone 7 still months away from its official release, we might as well be looking at a prototype of the next gadget. Nevertheless, Mac Rumors believes that these leaks are a suggestion that the next phone will be more than the current iPhone 6S, but still carry almost the same design. Surprisingly, it’s not just Mac Rumors alone coming in with these details, the same is also happening on Feld & Volk company that perfectly predicted the iPhone 6 back in 2014.

Apple is known for pulling off surprise moves, so don’t be surprised if none of these materializes come September this year.