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LG G5 was one of the most promising appearances at Mobile World Congress edition this year, the new smartphone is coming with a completely reworked design and attractive package of features. However, those who have tried the prototype on display at the LG booth was obvious that the product was not in final form, weak housing finished indicating that it will take some time for the new smartphone to be found on store shelves.

Fortunately, the expectation will not take too long, the company has already scheduled official launch event, first in South Korea. Thus, the first LG G5 copies will get to its new owners after 31 March.

A smartphone with a modular design, LG G5 can be used with various accessories that enhance the core functionality. Available by mid-April, accessories come with prices starting at $85 for the Cam Plus mode and $162 for the Hi-Fi mode addressed music enthusiasts. Of course, the final prices in Europe could suffer significant adjustments after adding import fees and local shops margins.

Following the event scheduled for March 31, LG G5 would be included in at least one mobile operator in the US on 1st April, the launch for international markets can also take place that very day.

Depending on pre-ordering, you are eligible to receive various accessories more or less expensive, such as LG CAM 360, a VR kit and more.