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With Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge less than a week old in the global market, rumors of the South Korean tech giant coming in with a compact version of this flagship have begun showing up.

Samsung failed to release a Galaxy S6 Mini and instead the company came in with a flurry of devices with respect to Galaxy A and Galaxy J series, among others. In addition, the tech giant chose to release a third model of the Galaxy S6 series, a phablet-sized smartphone known as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

Now that Apple is days away from launching a smaller iPhone SE that is targeting the mid-range earners who still want to get a taste of the latest from Apple and can’t afford the pricey iPhone 6 and 6S, the latest word on the street is that Samsung wants to unleash a similar version of their own to compete with the pint-sized iPhone.

iPhone SE launch set for March 21

Apple is expected to hold a media event next Monday, during which the new iPhone SE will be released. The phone, which will feature a screen size of 4-inches, will come in with the same hardware under the hood as what the iPhone 6 carries, including Apple Pay. However, the much hyped 3D Touch feature will be spared for the flagship models.

Samsung chose to revert to the older models such as Galaxy S5 for inspiration. As a result, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have a microSD card slot and water resistance features too. If things remain true and a Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini is actually unveiled, it would be another backtrack by the company that has previously hinted that it will be dropping the Galaxy Mini series in favor of the Galaxy A and J series.

The last time a Mini version of the Galaxy was released was with the Galaxy S5 Mini. If this device is re-introduced, it would be a happy return to the one-hand operations for many users. And unlike previous Mini versions where Samsung reduced the hardware offerings compared to the high-end devices, the Galaxy S7 Mini will reportedly come with the same hardware under the hood as what the flagship S7 comes with.

If things materialize, then the new Galaxy S7 Mini will come with a decent 4.6-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 720p resolution. Under the hood the Mini S7 will come with the same chipset as the Galaxy S7. Of course, this will depend on the region the device is shipping to, where some variants will carry a Snapdragon 820 CPU while others will be equipped with an Exynos 8890 CPU. Both variants will ship with a RAM of 3GB.

With these features, it is easy to consider the Galaxy S7 Mini as a mid-range smartphone. Samsung is aware of the threat posed by the iPhone SE given that Apple is already doing great in the flagship market. However, we take this with a grain of salt given that the company hasn’t mentioned a thing about this. But given that Samsung chose to unveil the Galaxy S7 Edge with a 5.5-inch display instead of the 5.1-inches it used on the Galaxy S6 Edge, it is possible that a Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini might be in the making.