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After receiving zero applicants during its first try, Google has finally decided to double the price for any hacker who can crack the Chromebook in guest mode to $100,000.

This move is only aimed at making the deal look sweeter in a bid to attract the best hackers out there. In this way, Google will actually be testing the security of its Chromebook as it looks to expand the sales of this gadget to other markets across the globe.

The reward in question here will be availed to the person who will be able to find any persistent hole of attacking the Chromebook when set in guest mode, Google revealed via its own blog on Monday.

The company conceded that it had not received any application based on its earlier reward of $50,000. Further, the search engine notes that great researchers deserve the best awards and it is for this reason the company saw the need to increase the award from the a five figure sum to a six figure sum. According to Google, this competition is available all throughout the year and there won’t be any quotas or “maximum reward pool.”

Chromebook is more secure when in guest mode

The fact that Google is offering a reward of up to $100,000 for anyone who can find a persistent hole in the Chromebook when in guest mode is not a fluke. The company has designed this device to be at its best in terms of security when in guest mode.

Any guest can easily download an application on the Chromebook; however, installing these files is not possible, even if it comes via the Google app store. This puts away the possibility of installing malicious apps on your device, which is one way hackers get access to your personal data.

Other than this, Google has included things like auto-downloads of software updates as well as running of apps and web pages in sandboxes. In case of any messing around with the OS by malware, the device will roll back the OS through what is known as “verified boot” during starting up.

However, Google wants to further test whether everything is really safe and secure through this hacking game. Remember, you will only get the $100,000 award if you can compromise the Chromebook via a Web page. In addition, the compromise must persist in guest mode as well as when the Chromebook is rebooted.

Other rewards are also available for any attacker who can bypass Chrome browser’s Safe Browsing feature that is used to flag URLs that look malicious.