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Candy Crush Jelly Saga is the third match-three puzzle game of the trilogy, being released in January for Android, iOS and Windows 10. In the new game, you’ll fight against the Jelly Queen and if you won’t be able to beat her within 15 moves, then she will spread her own jelly and you’ll lose. At some point, you’ll run out of moves and you’ll be tempted to spend real money in order to pass the level. Lucky for you, there are plenty tips and trick that will help you succeed in this game and we’ll present the most important ones.

How To Create Special Candies

If you’re a newbie who isn’t familiar with the patterns required to obtain special candies, here are the moves you’ll make in order to create them.

– When matching four identical candies in a row, you’ll create striped candy which will clear a full line when connecting the next jellies;
– When matching four identical candies in a 2×2 square, you’ll create a fish which will swim to a random blocker and break it;
– When matching five identical candies in a row, you’ll create a spotted candy which will remove all the candies of the same color;
– When matching five candies in a T-shape, you’ll create a wrapped candy which will explode and will take out other candies that are touching it;
– When matching six or more candies, you’ll create a glass sweet that will change the color of any sweets it is matched with, increasing the chances to create a new special candy.

How To Get 50 Free Gold Bars

If you’re playing Candy Crush Jelly Saga on Facebook, then you’re downloading the game and linking your account to your Facebook profile, you’ll get 50 free gold bars. With 12 gold bars you can get five lives, but usually, you’ll pay $1 for them. So, you’ll get 20 lives without spending any money.

Pufflers Are Hard To Get

Thy look like marshmallow caterpillars and they’re hiding beneath frosting of levels, so you’ll need to free them, but it will be hard to find them and if you’ll crack the frosting, you’ll see only parts of their bodies and they’ll run and hide in another area of the level. You’ll need these little monsters in the Boss Mode.

Controlling Boss Mode

In the new Boss Mode, you’ll battle against another character in order to win a level. The options to win are either to get the most pufflers or to cover more of the level with your own colored candies. If you’ll create three special candies in a row, you’ll get a strike that will make your next more… explosive.