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As mobile payments start making their way into the money transfer market with services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay leading the way, Amazon is working on its unique way of doing things.

The giant online retailer now wants its customers to start authorizing payments or transactions using their selfies. This is a revolutionary move that will see people, maybe, start changing their looks even when a night out.

Amazon has filed a patent application with respect to this technology and according to Recode; the filing describes how a camera can be used to identify someone using facial recognition. The technology will also see users asked to verify who they really are by performing a given action, for instance, wink or maybe blink, before the transaction is completed.

Many companies have been working on integrating their services with fingerprint authentication and it has so far been a success. However, Amazon feels that there is still need to improve security of these electronic systems used in purchasing items on mobile phones. Just like the use of fingerprint technology is meant to make it hard for hackers and other common thieves to access your accounts, the new facial recognition by Amazon could similarly do the same.

It has increasingly become more than easy to get someone’s password, so, maybe a little change of things might just work out fine. In addition, not everyone likes typing and the fact that there is no other way to enter a password is sometimes annoying. It is no wonder many people are going for the larger screen sized phones as opposed to the smaller ones. Amazon wants to save you this hassle of typing numbers, letters and symbols and instead, just take a selfie and blink to prove that it’s you.

Technology can be used on PCs, tablets and phones

According to the filed patent, this Amazon-inspired technology can be used on quite a number of devices that include PCs, tablets as well as mobile phones.

This means that if you leave your phone and your kid comes across it, they won’t be able to make any purchase without your consent. As for passwords, they can easily obtain it.

Amazon will be joining the likes of MasterCard, which recently revealed that it will be unveiling a new Selfie Pay feature that lets its customers make mobile payments using this kind of technology. It seems selfies have finally found some real-life value and they are no longer just for fun.