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Adobe Systems knows that its Flash Player’s days are limited, because of the vulnerabilities that are used by various hackers to control computers and the company is trying to stall time by releasing new versions with fixes for the most dangerous vulnerabilities. The update comes with 18 security fixes, especially for the exploit for CVE-2016-1010, which “is being used in limited, targeted attacks”.

The three security vulnerabilities CVE-2016-0993, CVE-2016-0963 and CVE-2016-1010 were helping the attackers to launch malicious code on their victims’ computers, after taking advantage of an integer overflow. The exploits for CVE-2016-0961, CVE-2016-0960, CVE-2016-0962, CVE-2016-0989, CVE-2016-0986 and CVE-2016-1005 were related to memory corruption, while a heap overflow vulnerability led to code execution (CVE-2016-100).

The 18 bugs that Adobe has fixed were causing Remote Code Execution, which allowed attackers to exploit this and gain control of the victims’ devices. According to Softpedia, some of the vulnerabilities have been discovered by some security departments researchers from companies such as Microsoft, Google, HP, Alibaba, Venustech ADLAB, Tencent and NSFOCUS.

In parallel, Adobe has released update for AIR Desktop Runtime (Windows and Macintosh), AIR SDK & Compiler (Windows, Macintosh, Android and iOS), AIR SDK (Windows, Macintosh, Android and iOS), as well as AIR for Android. The Linux users are advised to update to version, while the Windows or Mac users need to install version of the Flash Player. As for the extended support release of the Flash Player, it has been upgraded to version

Two days before the release of the new update of the Flash Player, Adobe has released version 4.5.1 of Adobe Digital Editions, also with a security fix, and there were patched three security bugs in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Reader was upgraded to version 11.0.15, while the new version of the Adobe Acrobat is 15.010.20060.

All these new updates can be found on Adobe’s official website.

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