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Gmail may just be one of the hottest email service providers. Since its release in 2007, Gmail has become the new standard as the best free email program. Not only is it free to use, constant updates keep Gmail ahead of the game. But the best features Gmail has to offer may be a little more tucked away, making their tons of tricks you may not have heard about before. Check out these 8 incredible Gmail tips and tricks:

  1. Mass Unsubscribe

Get rid of all the junk emails easily and effectively in just one click. How? There’s an unsubscribe button next to the sender’s address in promotional emails. You can also type “unsubscribe” into the search box to find every deal or newsletter you have ever signed up for. There, you can do away with the clutter for good.

  1. Default Reply All

Resending an email is no fun, especially if you’re frequently getting mass emails from work. Making “reply all” the default under Settings could really save you some time in the long run.


  1. Get a more refined search

There are a few operators that can result in a more refined search. To search messages within a certain period, for example, you can try typing “after:2014/06/23 before:2014/11/24” to get the best results.

  1. Save time with keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts can really save a ton of time in your busy day. Head to Settings, General, and turn keyboard shortcuts on. Then, you can complete everyday tasks by simply typing one letter. For example, k will take you to newer messages while shift + # will send a message to the trash.

  1. Schedule email to send later

You’ve written an email, but you’re just not ready to send it yet. Instead of just saving it as a draft, you can schedule it to send automatically at whatever specific time you wish. Just download the Boomerang Gmail plug-in to get started.

  1. Undo sent mail

Perhaps you didn’t mean to send that last message or sent it to the wrong person? Enable the “Undo Send” button by heading to Settings and finding the “Labs” tab; you’ll never have to worry again!

  1. Add emails to tasks

If you get a lot of emails, responding to all of them may take a lot of time. But if too much time goes by before you get to them, you may just forget entirely. By assigning emails to tasks, you can make sure everything gets attended to. To add emails to Tasks, just select it from the inbox or open it and click the More tab at the top. Then, select Add to Tasks.

  1. Delete big emails

Because your Gmail storage limit includes email, Google Drive, and Google+ Photos, you may reach your capacity pretty quickly. To free up some space, you can trash the biggest messages immediately by searching “size:[x number]m” and the emails bigger than [x number] of megabytes will display.