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WhatsApp has been receiving updates ever since Facebook acquired it back in 2014, whether it’s the more diverse privacy options or just the ability to have cloud storage for all of your messages and media, WhatsApp has been holding the trophy for most used instant messaging application across the globe.

It’s known around the world no matter which continent you’re on, we can probably say with great certainty that the few scientists at the poles also have the app installed.

Why is WhatsApp so good?

It allows you to do what SMS should’ve been able to do all along, but text messaging services never caught up with technology, WhatsApp allows you to stay connected with anyone you wish no matter where they are, so long as both of you have an internet connection.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve paid your phone’s bill, you’ll be able to send messages to loved ones, there are no usernames in WhatsApp so the only way of texting someone is by knowing their mobile number, your mobile number is your username.

This removes the anonymity, people aren’t able to hide behind a username if they wish to talk with someone, sending a text to the other party reveals your number just like how a text message would, but you’re able to do much more than simple text messages.

Recent and upcoming updates

One of the most recent update to WhatsApp has been the ability to ‘star’ messages, saving them for later, you don’t have to scroll through days and weeks of conversation to find the one text message which told you about the deadline for your project, you can simply ‘star’ it and tapping it via your starred messages tab will browse you back to it.

Apart from these, we’ve also seen Google Drive being supported as a cloud backup service, saving your media and text messages online, allowing you to re-download it all if you decided to change your phone or simply reset it as well as the ability to send PDF files to one another.

WhatsApp’s upcoming features are a pretty hot topic nowadays, we can surely expect some work being done on group conversation, recently we’ve had some additional capabilities as far as group notifications are concerned, giving them their own separate notifications allowing you to differentiate between private and group conversations, perhaps one of the upcoming update will allow us to finally indulge in group calls, a feature which users have been requesting for quite a while.

As for custom notifications, they’re not only for groups, they’re for pretty much every single chat that you’re having, simply tap the options bar and go to custom notifications to access the various options available to you, set it as you please, allowing you the ability to stop certain people (or groups) from interfering with your time on your phone.