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WhatsApp has released version 2.12.15 for iPhone just recently. One of the major issues the update fixed is a bug that caused storage problems for users. The app was using a lot of storage space which caused the application to crash. But other than the storage issue, other updates were also included with the latest release. This post will look into the changes made for WhatsApp 2.12.15.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before we take a look at the features added for 2.12.15, here’s what you should know about WhatsApp updates for iPhone:

It’s always recommended that you update to the latest version of WhatsApp when they become available. Not only will it provide you with the latest features but it also helps in terms of security. The last thing you want is for your app to cause you security issues just because you didn’t update it when a new version was available.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need at least iOS 6 or later for WhatsApp to work on your device. In addition, WhatsApp prefers that you use original devices because they can’t provide support for iPhones that have been modified. Yes, the company doesn’t restrict you from using jailbroken or unlocked devices but bear in mind that they can’t help you in case you run into any trouble.

Other WhatsApp 2.12.15 Updates

Here are the rest of the updates included with release 2.12.15:

  • Sending and receiving PDFs. This update allows you to choose PDFsto send from other apps installed on your phone. These apps include your iCould Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. Although this feature is only applicable to users who have iOS 8 or greater.
  • Sharing photos and videos from other apps. This latest update allows you to share videos or photos from other apps installed in your device. For example, you can share videos or photos from your Dropbox app. Other apps where you can share files include Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. With this update, you have to select Choose from another app… after opening Photo/Video Library.
  • Picking a chat background color. When you like a different colored background when chatting, this update gives you that option. Updating to this version allows you to pick a selection of solid colors for your chat background.
  • Zooming in on videos while playing. If you want a closer look at a video, this update allows you to do that.