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A field test for Nintendo and Niantic’s Pokémon GO is set for release soon.

Pokémon GO is an improved reality mobile game that brings the real world and Pokemon together. Niantic is the game developer, and the game will work by putting Pokemon into the real world based on the kind of Pokemon they are. Users will come across them while traveling, allowing them to capture and train the Pokemon.

Nintendo has yet to announce an official release date. However, fans speculate it won’t be released until some type of holiday comes to pass – summer or winter. The only thing that’s been confirmed is the field test.

Fans were a bit upset recently because a closer look at the game was scheduled to occur at the GDG, but was cancelled. It was later noted that Niantic cancelled it to ready the game for the beta test and launch.

The field test may only happen in Japan. But, the possibility of other markets getting involved is real – great news for all the Pokemon fans out there. Based on the information from the Japanese websites, the field test should start this month, but dates can change without any prior notification.

According to English translation for the text on the Japanese website, the game’s contents is to be held in confidentiality by participants. Fans outside Japan expect information to be leaked from the field test although it uses this requirement.

Both iOS and Android devices are confirmed for the test – iOS is for iPhone 5 or newer models and Android 4.3 or higher are supported.  Devices are mentioned but the entry form stipulates no guarantees the game runs on the device.