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The latest entry in the Ace Attorney series is due out in Japan on June 9. While the release date for areas outside of Japan hasn’t been announced yet, Ace Attorney 6’s localization was confirmed from the start.

Ace Attorney 6 sends Phoenix Wright to the distant Kingdom of Kurain (a name which should be familiar to fans of the trilogy). There, he reunites with his old friend and fan-favorite character Maya Fey, and takes on a legal system has no defense attorneys.

Meanwhile, Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes will handle cases at the home office.

To answer some questions about the premise and reveal how Phoenix ends up in Kurain, Capcom recently released an 8-minute anime short as a prologue to Ace Attorney 6. Although the audio is entirely in Japanese, it has been subtitled in English by Ace Attorney fan Bolt2nd.

Many returning characters have already been confirmed, and this suggests one more. Prosecutor Simon Blackquill from Dual Destinies hadn’t been shown in any Ace Attorney 6 materials, but the anime short has him face off against Phoenix in court. It’s still unclear if Blackquill will appear in the game itself, but suggests he’ll at least have a cameo appearance.

It also explains why Phoenix goes to Kurain. Previously, some fans worried he and Maya ended up in the same country by coincidence. Now we can see he knows she’s in Kurain and goes there specifically because he believes she’s in danger.

This prologue sets up some interesting moral quandaries for Ace Attorney 6. While a system that has outlawed defense attorneys is a bad thing, the trailer doesn’t make it as easy to draw the line between good and evil. The lawyer revolutionary is portrayed as dangerous and cast in a negative light. The new prosecutor, Nayuta, upholds this twisted system but also comes to Maya’s aid.

Kurain’s attorneys were found guilty of the “crime of defense.” While this sounds rather odd, other scenes in the short suggest opposing Kurain’s princess and her oracle is considered blasphemy.

Finally, a shadowed figure is shown standing in a storm. He appears to have long hair, and his attire calls to mind Apollo’s in Dual Destinies. This is most likely an important, unrevealed character, especially if he is the narrator at the end who speaks about Phoenix’s arrival.

Ace Attorney 6 is shaping up to have a quite interesting story. What is your greatest hope for the latest entry in the Ace Attorney series?