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Minecraft Pocket Edition should update to Version 0.15.0 in the near future, following February’s release of Version 0.14.0. As we’ve previously discussed, fans of the mobile Minecraft game are excitedly looking forward to what the new version will bring and bringing up various theories, such as the use of resource packs.

One thing fans have asked for in Minecraft Pocket Edition for quite some time now is the inclusion of pistons. Well, it looks like those piston-fueled dreams are finally going to come true, as development is well on its way.

On March 9, a Tweet from Mojang developer Daniel Wustenhoff, who works specifically on Minecraft Pocket Edition, showed a picture of a piston’s animation. In the Tweet, he promised more news was on the way. Although he hasn’t shown anything else related to pistons yet, this is a good sign.

With the animation on display, any problems the developers might have encountered with pistons in Minecraft Pocket Edition must be either resolved, or well on the way. To show something like that so close to an anticipated update makes it quite likely they’ll be a part of Version 0.15.0.

Of course, the 0.15.0 release could still be far off. In the past, some versions have only been a couple months apart from one another, while others have been several months apart. Again, with any luck, the Tweet means the new version is coming soon.

Pistons are important for several things in Minecraft, and fans have been asking for them in the Pocket Edition for literally years. Now that pistons are finally coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition, what is the first thing you’ll build using them? What other additions do you most want to see in the game, whether in Version 0.15.0 or a future version?

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