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Grand Theft Auto game fans are anxiously waiting news for the series future and can’t wait for the series’ next installment.

GATV was released during 2013, and still has not gotten story DLC. Fans hope the reason is that Rockstar is putting its attention on the next game of the series. There’s been no confirmation of a GTA 6, but rumors are already circulating about potential features that may be seen in that game.

Many fans were unhappy that GTAV had no playable female protagonist, even though it does have three playable characters. There’s some hope that GTA 6 is going to have a female playable character – a first for the series. Rockstar has said that female characters didn’t fit into the GTAV line but did not fully reject the possibility of future games.

Rockstar noted the next game should be located in the U.S. but not exact location has been stipulated. Several fans hope the map is going to be bigger than the GTAV map, and includes two cities. Some fans prefer older locations to be brought back into the fold.

There’s generally been a five-to-eight year gap between game installments, and fans speculate the next game could be released sometime 2018 until the end of 2020. This gives Rockstar lots of time to create story DLC for GTAV – something people are wishing for.

The GTA team lost Leslie Benzies, an influential team member, after GTAV was released. Benzies’ departure could be why it took the company two years to release the game’s PC version.