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There may be quite a few mobile browsers out on the market today, but there are two that are well above average. If you’re having a difficult time deciding between Chrome and UC Browser, you’ve come to the right place!

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers on home computers, but it also has some smartphone features that make it easy-to-use while really maintaining a great design. With HTML 5 and incognito mode, not to mention the “do not track” options and voice command searching capabilities, Google really stands apart as one of the main innovative forces in technology today.

UC Browser, on the other hand, does support a decent UI that allows users to have tons of personalized options available to them. What really makes this operating system stand out is its ability to download files in no time, cutting down on the time you spend waiting immensely. The download manager integrated into UC Browser is like no other, and many people absolutely love this browser as it also has lots of add-ons like the famous Ad Block.

As with most things though, both Chrome and UC Browser shine in different departments. Where Chrome allows for tab synchronizations, UC Browser has a few more abilities in addition to incognito mode such as a reader mode, flash support, and full-screen mode that Chrome does not have. There are many more features associated with both, but among just the main features, UC Browser seems to offer more.

While both operating systems often have comparable page load times (depending on the device) and performance, when it comes to memory consumption, the UC Browser is also much more lightweight. Though, many users prefer to use Chrome as it is consistent across both web and mobile which allows users to synchronize passwords and history if they choose.

It appears that UC Browser may possibly be the front-runner, but because Google is such a dominating force in the technology sphere, Chrome is just easier to use to keep everything users need across all devises, in one easy place. This may make UC Browser one of the most underrated, yet fantastic, browsers out there.