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The story of Gmail started back in April 2004, when Google made the service available as beta, only to those who obtained an invitation, and three years later, it was officially released worldwide. Now, it’s used by 1 billion people, and, without a doubt, Gmail has become the most popular email service. If you’ve just signed up for a free Gmail account, there are some tips and tricks that will help you get familiarized with all the features without wasting your precious time exploring them.

Sending EXE Files

Even if they’re included in a zip format, Gmail won’t allow you to send them. However, there’s a way to trick the service to send exe files to your friends, and it’s by using a hosting service (Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and OneDrive), where you’ll store the file and you’ll enter the link to it in the body of the email.

Sending Large Files

On Gmail, you are allowed to send files that have a maximum size of 25MB. Again, you can use a hosting service and include only the link to the file, while the other method is to compress the video or audio file and make it smaller than 25MB, then attach it to an email. Gmail will scan it for viruses, so that the recipient will receive a clean file.

Opening And Editing Documents Directly

This feature is available for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF or RTF documents. When you tap on the file, it will be opened with Google Docs in another browser and there, you will be able to edit and save it, before downloading it to your device.

Viewing And Editing Images Directly

You don’t need to download an image with a JPG, GIF or PNG format, in order to view it. The image will open up in the same window after clicking on the file from the bottom of the email and if you install third-party applications, you can edit the photo directly.

Check Emails From Other Accounts

For this, you will need to go to Settings > Accounts > Import tab and select Check mail from other accounts (POP3) > Add a POP3 mail account. You will configure the POP3 mail account, which means that you’ll specify your other email address and enter the password, alongside the POP server address for your account. After entering all POP details, you’ll click Add Account and Gmail will show all the messages from your old account.