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With high speed internet becoming common around the world and online streaming services becoming the norm for catching up on TV shows, on demand, services like Netflix and Hulu have made a market around streaming devices, although all of these services are available from computers and handheld devices alike, people are still more than interested in alternative options so that they can preserve their smartphone batteries.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, Google’s Chromecast and Apple TV are just some of the names in this long list of devices that can be used to access streaming services of all kinds.

The Fire TV Stick

Connecting with your TV’s HDMI slot, the Fire TV Stick allows users access to Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO GO, Hulu, Pandora and many other services, allowing you to cut the cable cord and enjoy a never ending volume of entertainment at a price which is easily affordable by everyone.

With Netflix going global and other streaming services soon to follow in pursuit, devices like the Fire TV Stick are sure to be found in everyone’s home and as far as specifications go, the Fire TV Stick far out-performs Chromecast with more built-in internal storage and a higher processing power than its counterparts.

The Chromecast

chromecast (1)

Chromecast on the other hand is also capable of providing you with quite a diverse catalogue of streaming services while also giving you the ability to stream any video or music directly from your handheld devices, whether it’s a smartphone based on Android, iOS or a tablet with either of these operating systems, Chromecast is fully compatible with all the famous devices you can get your hands on, giving you the ability to offer some quality entertainment to all of your friends even when an internet connection isn’t available.

The Apple TV

apple-tv (2)

Whether you’re interested in Hulu, HBO GO, Showtime, or just some of the latest DVD releases for your favorite movies, Apple TV has got you covered with a brand name that speaks for its authenticity no matter where you are around the world.

Backed up by vast array of movies and TV shows to choose from, Apple has been one of the few top names that have stood against traditional cable TVs with their devices.


At the moment however, all of these devices are pretty linear in terms of functionality, they all provide you with independent services like Netflix & Hulu but if you wish to access content which is exclusive for the Fire TV Stick (Amazon Video, access to Prime Video, for example) then you’re going to need to have the specific devices.

We’re seeing a rapid change in technology and as internet speeds increase on a global scale, we can surely expect the end of traditional cable television sooner than we anticipated, even though many cable companies are known to have sub-par customer service and service quality, they’ve been our only way of accessing the shows which we love and hence, we’ve stuck with them.

Now that other means of watching our favorite shows have emerged, it’s about the we cut the cord.